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Welcome to InvestorsAlly!

InvestorsAlly currently operates the crowdfunding portal site FARJHO.com (http://www.farjho.com) as the world's first authoritative marketplace for the crowdfunding of fractional shared home equity ownership as well as a homeowner's social networking and sharing portal site, http://WeHomeowners.com, helping homeowners build a collabortaive consumption sharing economy at various local community levels

It provides a matching service to Aspiring Home Owners (AHO) and prospective Joint Property Investors (JPI) for a new creative and innovative housing ownership structure called Flexible And Reversible Joint Home Ownership (FARJHOSM).

Homeowners and property investors or a group of property investors hold joint equity ownership in the property of choice through a Limited Liability Company (LLC) legal structure. The homeowner in a FARJHOSM pays rent to the LLC that he co-owns during the course of the joint ownership period. The rent income will then be proportionately distributed to each of the members of the LLC, including the homeowner himself.

Throughout the joint ownership period, as a free market choice, homeowners could flexibly and reversibly make SwapRentSM transactions with any of the property investors in order to gain further economic homeownership that provides future appreciation potential as well as the associated downside depreciation risks.  

Property investors in a FARJHOSM could also optionally make SwapRentSM transactions, either acting as the "Economic Landlord" investor or "Economic Tenants" at REIDeX.com, which is the secondary marketplace for SwapRentSM transactions.

The ground-breaking invention of the FARJHOSM home ownership structure has made crowdfunding of individual home's equity possible since it would literally corporatize each home one home at a time. Equity crowdfunding could for the first time apply to housing finance which until today has solely relied on debt-based mortgage financing in the US. 

What We Do

InvestorsAlly helps both aspiring home owners find propective joint property investors or groups of property investors based on a predetermined fee for the matching services.

InvestorsAlly acts as the syndicate manager to put together the joint equity ownership LLC that would carry the legal title of the interested property. Although not recommended, further prudent leveraging could be used for the LLC to acquire the interested properties at the discretion of the LLC members.

InvestorsAlly will also act as a secondary marketplace for the fractional member interests or partial ownership in the joint FARJHOSM LLC owned by the LLC members whenever legally permitted and practicable under the federal and various state laws.

Property investors and the homeowners/renters in a LLC could then have a way to individually liquidate earlier without the dissolution of the LLC as a better alternative to cash in their investments in the FARJHOSM LLC.  

Our inaugural matching services will officially launch in the State of California soon. Please sign in the guest book and leave your contact details in order to receive future email notifications.


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