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Homeowners and Property Investors Matching Service

InvestorsAllySM is a matching service provider between aspiring homeowners and would-be property investors. This service is provided on a strict fee-based manner. InvestorsAlly does not solicit any kinds of investments from any investors.

Offering portable housing affordability to aspiring partial homeowners is a primary goal for our services. We hope to assist aspiring partial homeowners to find would-be property investors searching for income-producing property investment opportunities. The partial homeowners would be the ready made tenants through the joint ownership of the new creative FARJHOSM legal structure.

Since InvestorsAllySM is only providing a matching service, we only commit ourselves to the matching through making introductions between aspiring homeowners, would-be property investors and other property investors for them to negotiate the co-ownership and leasing terms among themselves. We would only act as a service coordinator and provider to help facilitate their transactions.

Once there is an agreement, the deal will then be passed on to a conventional real estate agent to handle the actual buying of the interested properties. As for the specific negotiated terms in each FARJHOSM deal, it will all be up to and written in the LLC operating agreement and the buy/sell agreements between the LLC members of homeowners and property investors per their own negotiations. Whatever terms and conditions that would be negotiated into the operating agreements of each LLC syndication are their own responsibilities, InvestorsAlly does not want to get involved in any parts of the negotiations at all. The LLC members would each have to consult their own attorneys and accountants to protect their own interests. 

Any terms and clauses of buy/sell agreements between LLC members or leasing agreement between the renter/partial homeowner and other investor/LLC members are completely wide open for their own discussions and negotiations, just like when Match.com, Yahoo Personals or eHarmoney.com put together two marriage candidates, Match.com, Yahoo Personals or eHarmony.com would have no interest and no say in what kind of wedding ceremonies or prenuptial agreements they should have among themselves. If they do not come to terms with each other, they could simply back out, split and we will match them with other candidates during their annual membership, until a more perfect match is found, when available, during the course of their annual memberships.

Annual Membership and Closing Fees for Aspiring Home Owners

A $50 non-refundable annual membership fee will be charged and paid in advance. A flat closing fee payable by the LLC when the matching service is successfully closed in a new LLC syndication to acquire the interested property.

Annual Membership and Closing Fees for Would-be Property Investors

A $100 for individuals or $1,000 for institutions non-refundable annual membership fee will be charged and paid in advance. A flat closing fee payable by the LLC when the matching service is successfully closed in a new LLC syndication to acquire a property.

Upon the closing of a FARJHOSM deal, the pre-negotiated success flat fee will be levied on the newly formed LLC to acquire the property. Additionally, InvestorsAlly may also act as the syndicator and/or manager for each of the syndication on an on-going basis for another flat upfront and annual fee.

Real Estate Partner Monthly Membership in InvestorsAlly

First 90 Days are INCLUDED in your first payment of $49.95!

No Contract - you may cancel at any time!

A $49.95 non-refundable monthly membership fee will be charged. Once you sign up and activate the monthly membership, you will be contacted by our local agents to develop a profile, and you will be kept informed on potential matches between homeowners and property investors.

Before a transaction is closed, you may terminate the membership at any time and a prorated membership fee will be refunded to you. Once you have a closed transaction, this refund privilege will be forfeited for the remaining monthly period.



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