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What is a FARJHOSM structure?
What is a SwapRentSM transaction?
How and when to apply FARJHOSM?
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Once you sign up and activate the annual membership, you will contacted by our local agents to develop a profile and you will be kept informed on potential matches between homeowners and property investors.  

Before a transaction is closed, you may terminate the membership at any time and a prorated membership fee will be refunded to you. Once you have a closed transaction, this refund privilege will be forefeited for the remaining annual membership period.

Home Owners Annual Membership

For aspiring home owners, the annual membership fee is $50.00. 



Property Investors Annual Membership

For joint property investors, the annual membership fee is $100 for individual investors and $1,000 for institutional investors. 

                                                                                           $100.00 ($1,000 for institutions)  




Real Estate Partner Monthly Membership

For Real Estate Partners, the monthly membership fee is $49.95.

FIRST 90 DAYS are INCLUDED in your first payment!
NO CONTRACT - you may cancel at any time!



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